Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General

  • How many tickets must I order to comply with the group conditions?
Per order of 25 tickets, you will receive two free tickets. If you want to order 50 tickets or more, place the order into tranches of 25 such that you will receive each time two free tickets. The free tickets will be mailed automatically.
  • Is a ticket by date?
No, the ticket is valid on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Should children pay?
Children under 14 years may enter for free.
  • Do I have to print my tickets?
Your tickets are in the attachment of the mail. You don't have to print them, you can show them at the gate via your smartphone.
If you want to print them anyway then open the attachment (PDF), print your tickets and bring them to the Garden Days. You don't have to print the mail itself.
  1. My payment is not successful?

  • Have you entered the correct card number? Did you use the right card?
  • Have you entered the correct security code (back of the card - three digits)?
  • Did you use the same name on your order as on your credit card?
  • Is your card not expired?
  • Have you used the correct PIN?
  • Does your bank card have a maestro function?
  • If for some reason you wait too long to handle the payment process, there may be a time-out. Start again and restart the order process.
  • Note the error message!
  1. I didn't receive my confirmation mail in my mailbox?

  • Have you used the correct email address?
  • Check your spam box, if the mail has arrived there, add us to your White list.
  • Was your payment successful (see question 2)?
  1. I've checked everything but it still fails?

  • Take all your information at hand (ticket number if you have one, name, date and time of the order, the error message) and contact us on +32 (0)9 356 81 82 or send everything to
  1. Legal notice

  • Online Dispute Resolution Platform – ODR Platform: Link
  • Consumentenombudsdienst België (COD: Link